Sen. Cornyn: Democrats overreached with abortion protests and are ‘crossing a line’

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Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said he is very concerned about attacks against Supreme Court justices. Cornyn joined “The Faulkner Focus” Wednesday to address the Roe V. Wade split in the Senate and his bipartisan effort to bring greater protections for the justices.PRO-CHOICE GROUP TO TARGET ALL GOP-APPOINTED SCOTUS JUSTICES’ HOMES FOR ‘WALK-BY WEDNESDAY’ PROTESTSSEN. JOHN CORNYN: Well, [my concern] is very high. And that’s why I introduced, along with Senator Coons, my colleague from Delaware, a Democrat, a bill that provides protection for the Supreme Court justices and their families on the same basis that the Capitol Police, for example, can protect members of Congress and our families in the face of threats. But emotions are very high right now because of this unauthorized leak of a draft opinion that needs to be investigated and will be investigated. The person who did it will be identified and held accountable. But in the meantime, this has sparked a political firestorm. And, of course, many Democrats are hoping this will energize their base in the November election. I think they’re overreaching. I think they’re crossing a line they should not cross by these threats and the actions of many of these protesters who are violating the law. WATCH THE INTERVIEW ABOVE

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