Voters share how SCOTUS leak, possible Roe v. Wade reversal will influence their midterm decisions

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BOSTON – Voters in Harvard Square told Fox News they planned to participate in the midterm elections, but most said the leaked draft decision overturning Roe v. Wade didn’t influence their motivation.”I would not say it is changing the way I plan to vote,” a Harvard student from Louisiana, Charles, told Fox News. He said he was upset about the leak itself, rather than the decision, since the Supreme Court isn’t supposed to be political.A leaked draft decision that Politico published Monday night indicated that the Supreme Court would overturn Roe v. Wade. Justice Samuel Alito authored the draft and wrote that abortion laws should return to the states.One man, Isaiah, said he opposed overturning Roe and that the leaked draft motivates him to vote in November. But he wasn’t sure who would receive his support.
Isaiah shares his thoughts on the leaked Supreme Court decision.
WHITE HOUSE ENCOURAGES ‘PEACEFUL PROTESTS,’ WON’T TELL ABORTION ACTIVISTS TO AVOID SCOTUS JUSTICES’ HOMESPollster Mark Penn previously told Fox News that he suspected Democrats leaked the Supreme Court draft to energize the party’s base.”I gotta do a little bit more research,” Isaiah told Fox News. “I’ve been busy with school and stuff, so it’s just not the first thing on my mind.” Others in Harvard Square who opposed the Supreme Court’s draft decision said they had already planned to participate in the midterm elections. But they said the leak wouldn’t change their votes.”Men have no right to make decision about women’s bodies,” one woman, Cassandra, told Fox News. But she said it wouldn’t change her voting habits.
Cassandra discusses how the leaked Supreme Court draft will influence her midterm vote.
“I always try to vote,” Cassandra added. “I’ll continue to support the politicians that support women’s rights.”Ben said the leak “wouldn’t change my vote,” but, like Isaiah, said he hadn’t done research to decide who he’d back in November.Another man, Nick, told Fox News: “I was gonna vote anyway, but now I’m gonna vote—not twice because that’s illegal, but it’s gonna be a strong one vote.”CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPOne woman, Alex, shared her thoughts even though she can’t vote since she’s from the United Kingdom.
Demonstrators protest outside of the U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday, May 4, 2022 in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)”Hopefully what it will energize Americans to see is that things like judicial appointments and stacking the courts … are important, even if they may not necessarily be top of mind in a lot of these midterm elections,” Alex told Fox News.”We need to be more active not just around big presidential elections,” she added.

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