Hannity: Supreme Court’s draft opinion leak has Democrats turning to mob violence and intimidation

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Fox News host Sean Hannity ripped the Democratic Party for their violent and threatening behavior following a Supreme Court’s draft opinion leak on “Hannity” Thursday night.SEAN HANNITY: We do turn to the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court now surrounded by a large chain linked fence with big cement barriers erected overnight to protect the building. Rightly so, in my opinion. We need to protect every institution, every monument, every person that serves in this government. This is the right thing to do. FLASHBACK: CNN PANNED FOR ON-AIR GRAPHIC READING ‘FIERY BUT MOSTLY PEACEFUL PROTEST’ IN FRONT OF KENOSHA FIREHopefully, Democrats have learned something from the 574 riots in the summer of 2020 and the Capitol breach in 2021. Now, many people on the left are very, very angry that individual states and voters could soon decide abortion law for their state, overturning Roe v Wade. All the talking points, all the lying, all the hysteria. It’s not true. It will not outlaw abortion in the United States. That is the big lie that is being spread by the likes of Chuck Schumer, who himself threatened two justices, Justice Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court, screaming, ‘You won’t know what hit you.’
KENOSHA, WI – AUGUST 24: People watch a the American flag flies over a burning building during a riot as demonstrators protest the police shooting of Jacob Blake on Monday, August 24, 2020 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Blake was shot in the back multiple times by police officers responding to a domestic dispute call yesterday. 
(Photo by Joshua Lott for The Washington Post via Getty Images)Among other threats. And as we speak, they’re threatening to burn our system to the ground. As per usual, Democrats are turning to their favorite political tactic. That’s mob violence and intimidation. Now, one liberal group is now organizing an effort to stalk and harass Supreme Court justices and their families at their homes. This is not okay in this country. But tonight, prominent Democrats, they refuse to condemn this threatening behavior, just like they refuse to ever speak out against the violence from their base and the 574 riots in the summer of 2020.—Just like in 2020, during the BLM riots that left dozens dead, thousands injured. All of this happened. How is it that nobody covered this? How is it that many on the Democratic side were so unwilling to condemn what was obvious? Now, fake news CNN referred to it, right, that scene right there as, ‘the fiery but peaceful demonstration.’

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