Navy SEAL running for Congress warns voters concerned about ‘gas, groceries, grandkids’ amid rampant inflation

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Wisconsin Republican congressional candidate Derrick Van Orden warned now is the time to “help America” as gas prices continue to soar under the Biden administration alongside rampant inflation. Van Orden said Wednesday voters in his district are worried about “gas, groceries, and grandkids” on “Fox & Friends.”BIDEN ECONOMIC ADVISER SAYS BUILD BACK BETTER IS ‘SMART ECONOMIC POLICY RIGHT NOW’DERRICK VAN ORDEN: There’s a time to help the world and there’s a time to help America, and that’s where we’re at right now. We just put over 81,000 miles on our truck. And what I’m hearing from my people in that district are the three G’s, gas, groceries and grandkids. So people are having difficulty filling up their gas tank and a grocery cart on the same day. And they’re worried about the future of our children because Nancy Pelosi’s radical spending. We’re spending our grand children’s money, and it’s simply inappropriate. We need to focus on home right now. We’re in Dutch and when we flip the House, we’re going to make sure that we stop this madness and bring America back to where it should be, and that’s a place of greatness in the world.WATCH THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW FROM “FOX & FRIENDS” BELOW: This article was written by Fox News staff.

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