Nancy Mace slams Biden’s lack of leadership as Supreme Court faces ‘blockade’ by protesters

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Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., questioned what the Biden administration is doing as protesters are set to blockade the Supreme Court ahead of the expected ruling regarding Roe v. Wade. On “Fox & Friends” Monday, Mace said the crises in America are Biden’s own creation and called on leaders to keep the justices safe.KAVANAUGH ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT IGNORED BY SUNDAY SHOWSREP. NANCY MACE: What are we doing to protect the justices? What are we doing to protect this institution? What are we going to do to protect the American people? Because we have laws in this country, and we ought to be following them. We ought to be keeping our community safe, our Supreme Court safe, everybody across this country. And here we have Joe Biden. Every crisis this country has faced has been a crisis of his own creation. We need strong leadership right now. I cannot wait for 2022 to be over, and we have a Republican majority. We want Republicans to be strong. But we’ve got to win the White House back in ’24. WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW BELOW: This article was written by Fox News staff.

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