MSNBC anchor demands to know GOP ‘plan to combat inflation’ while Democrats control White House, Congress

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Despite Democrats controlling the White House and both chambers of Congress, MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle demanded to know Sunday what plan Republicans have to “combat inflation.”Inflation hit a new 40-year high in May with the Labor Department announcing Friday that the Consumer Price Index rose 8.6% from this time last year, after the Biden administration spent months claiming inflation would be transitory. On Friday’s episode of “Morning Joe,” Ruhle claimed Republicans “want” higher inflation because it’s better for them politically.She said, “But we need to remind our audience that Republicans, they’re not offering any solutions. They’re saying ‘Inflation is terrible, blame the White House.’ They’re not offering you anything better.”BIDEN ECONOMIC ADVISER SAYS WHITE HOUSE HASN’T ‘MISSED MUCH AT ALL’ ON INFLATION
Inflationary measurements are up
(istock)On Sunday night she took her GOP-focused message to Twitter, tweeting in all caps, “WHAT IS THE REPUBLICAN PLAN TO COMBAT INFLATION?” The tweet received backlash from various commentators on Twitter. Tim Young, a conservative author and comedian, responded to Ruhle, asking, “Why aren’t you asking the current President what his plan is?”Similarly, Greg Price, a conservative political operative, asked, “Wouldn’t this be a better question for the people currently in control of the government?” GOP SENATOR SAYS BIDEN ‘DESTROYED’ THE ECONOMY, CALLS ON PRESIDENT TO RESIGNRobby Starbuck, a GOP Congressional candidate in Tennessee, responded in all caps, “NOT SPENDING TRILLIONS & TRILLIONS WHILE IN AN ECONOMIC CRISIS ESPECIALLY ON THINGS THAT ARE LARGELY GLOBALIST MONEY LAUNDERING SCHEMES TO BENEFIT THE LEFT AND DRILLING MORE OIL ON AMERICAN SOIL WOULD BE A GOOD START! THANKS FOR ASKING!”
MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle discusses the rising inflation rate on “Morning Joe” – January 7, 2022
(Screenshot/MSNBC)Margot Cleveland, senior legal correspondent for The Federalist, answered the MSNBC host’s question, tweeting, “Win back the Whitehouse and both chambers of Congress.”Kyle Becker, a conservative media commentator, tweeted, “This is what the mainstream media does instead of holding Democrats accountable.”CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Joe Silverstein is a production assistant for Fox News Digital. 

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