Mother of Sandy Hook victim sends message to parents of Texas school shooting victims

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Sandy Hook Promise CEO Nicole Hockley, whose own son was a Sandy Hook victim, addressed the families who lost loved ones at Robb Elementary School in the Uvalde, Texas, shooting on “Your World.”NICOLE HOCKLEY: Sadly over the last 10 years I’ve had the sad honor of addressing families far too many times, and it doesn’t get any easier. A lot of times I’m really there just to listen to them. Whether they’re angry or sad or just want to know what might be coming next. Often I just remind them that everyone’s path through this is very unique and individual and to not judge anyone or allow yourself to be judged by your choices of how you choose to deal with the loss. TEXAS SCHOOL SHOOTING: RED FLAG LAWS, BACKGROUND CHECKS ON THE TABLE FOR SENATE, BUT PATH TO PASSAGE UNCLEARAlso, to lean on the support of those who love you, your family and your community that are there to hold you up because you need that more than you realize. Just give yourself the space to go through this in your own time because it is beyond painful. It’s an enduring pain that never goes away, however, there is a way through it eventually. To find a new way forward, which is what I’ve been fortunate enough to do in my life. WATCH FULL INTERVIEW HERE:

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