Missing woman in Chicago found chained in abandoned home says she was abducted,raped

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A missing woman was found chained inside an abandoned Chicago home after a passerby heard her screams for help, according to local reports.Antoine Dobine told FOX32 Chicago that he was walking in the West Pullman neighborhood when he heard the woman’s cries and called police.Officers discovered a 36-year-old woman chained to a bedroom wall inside the house, the station reported.
A woman says she was abducted and raped after she was found chained to a wall inside an abandoned Chicago home, according to local reports.
(FOX32 Chicago WFLD)The woman, who is not being named, told WGN-TV that she was held against her will for four or five days and the man raped her twice.2 CHARGED RELATED TO CHICAGO SHOOTING NEAR MAGNIFICENT MILE SHOPPING DISTRICT”He left me in there handcuffed and chained,” she said.The woman said that she had previously encountered the man, who was only described as being in his 60s.He allegedly grabbed the woman after they bumped into each other while she was walking to a neighborhood store. She said she tried to escape but couldn’t fight him off.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPPolice are investigating and working to find the suspect.Multiple homes on the block remain empty, FOX32 reported. Neighbors said that the home where the woman was found has been vacant for more than 30 years.

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