Memphis child calls mom while in stolen car being driven by suspect

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A 4-year-old child in Memphis was found safe on Tuesday after his father’s car was stolen with the minor still inside.The father of the 4-year-old child allegedly drove to Dodge’s Chicken in Memphis, Tennessee at around midnight on Tuesday and left the child inside the car while he went in, according to WREG.An unknown man then took the car and drove off with the child still inside.During the period of time when the unknown man was in the car, the 4-year-old used his father’s phone to call his mom, according to the report.MISSOURI MAN SHOT AND KILLED WHILE DRIVING ON ST. LOUIS HIGHWAY
Dodges Chicken on Elvis Presley Boulevard in Memphis, Tennessee.
(Google maps)”He called and he kept telling me that some dude was driving his daddy’s car,” the mother said.The individual then snatched the phone away from the 4-year-old and said he was returning the child to his father, then allegedly hit the child in the head.”The dude got on the phone and was like ‘Um, somebody stole the car. I’m going to take him back to his daddy,'” she said.PENNSYLVANIA FIRST RESPONDERS RESCUE TWO PEOPLE STUCK IN CHOCOLATE FACTORY TANKWhen asked by the mother what the carjacker looked like, he said that the individual was wearing a black mask and a blue shirt.”He told me that the dude in the blue shirt had his daddy’s car. I said, ‘What else is he wearing?’ He said, ‘a black mask,'” she said.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe person left the car and child about a mile away from Dodge’s Chicken, according to the report, and the boy began to honk the horn until police found him.The father was issued a citation for leaving the child unattended in the car. Adam Sabes is a writer for Fox News Digital. Story tips can be sent to and on Twitter @asabes10.

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