Marc Thiessen: Record high gas prices the ‘Biden weakness tax’

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Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen argued on “America’s Newsroom” Monday that record gas prices are a result of President Biden’s “weakness” on the world stage leading to Russian President Putin launching a “catastrophic” war in Ukraine.PRESIDENT BIDEN TO APPEAR ON ‘JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE’ AS HIS APPROVAL RATING PLUNGES MARC THIESSEN: I mean, look, gas rose as I show told you a dollar before the war and by October before the war in Ukraine. And so now it’s risen and risen another dollar 40 or so. Okay, well, why is that? So the pre-war gas increase in prices was Joe Biden’s fault because it’s the war on fossil fuels now. It’s the war in Ukraine. Well, why did Vladimir Putin invade Ukraine? Because he thought Joe Biden was weak. …It’s no coincidence that it happened a few months after the catastrophic withdrawal of Afghanistan, which projected weakness on the world. So if the first part is the war on fossil fuels, if the second part isn’t the Putin price hike, it’s the Biden weakness tax. It’s our failure to enforce our strong foreign policy around the world which led to a catastrophic war that didn’t have to happen that could have been deterred if America had been strong.WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW BELOW: This article was written by Fox News staff.

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