Louisiana pushes back on wokeism with new social studies curriculum: America was ‘exceptional’ from beginning

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Louisiana is going the extra mile to counter “woke” politics in the classroom by revising its social studies standards to what the state’s superintendent calls “a model for the country.”SOCIAL STUDIES STANDARDS IN LOUISIANA THE ‘BEST IN THE NATION’ ARGUES STATE SUPERINTENDENT OF EDUCATIONLouisiana Superintendent of Education Dr. Cade Brumley detailed the new and improved curriculum and how state officials reworked the standards on “Fox & Friends First.””Whenever we think about America, we think about those individuals who forged their sacred honor, the Declaration of Independence, or the abolishment of slavery or suffrage or civil rights,” Dr. Brumley told co-host Todd Piro. “It’s been about the quest for freedom, and so we wanted our students to understand under a freedom framework the country that we are, how great we are, and the sacrifices and the struggles that have gone into making that happen,” he continued. NEW MEXICO’S NEW EDUCATION STANDARDS TEACH ETHNIC, SOCIAL IDENTITY LESSONS TO KINDERGARTNERS The new standards were adopted back in March through a thorough process involving parents and teachers within the community. “America has been exceptional from the beginning,” Dr. Brumley said. “No one gave us our exceptionalism. That was from the beginning… we wanted to take the time to listen to everyone.””We were very accessible,” he continued. “We provided plenty of opportunity for public feedback. We listened to everyone.”CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPParents nationwide have pushed for more influence in the classroom amid what many call “woke” policies implemented to indoctrinate even the youngest of students. “Truth still does exist in our country,” Dr. Brumley said. “We want our kids to know that, and we believe that we can do better for our kids.”

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