Los Angeles’ Gascon torched after career criminal allegedly kills cops: ‘Recall is too good for this guy’

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Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon is under fire again for his habitual lax prosecutorial discretion after a career criminal and known gang member previously given a light sentence allegedly murdered two LAPD officers.Justin William Flores reportedly died at the scene of the shooting, but critics argue he should not have been free on the streets. Flores had a lengthy rap sheet, including a conviction on a possessing-a-firearm-as-a-felon charge on which Gascon handed down a 20-day-plus-probation sentence.On “The Five,” Jesse Watters reported Gascon’s office defending the prior sentence as “consistent with case resolutions in this type of offense.””Given his criminal history and the nature of the offense, it’s not consistent,” Watters said in response.CLAY AND BUCK CELEBRATE ONE YEAR ON THE AIR, CONTINUING THE FIGHT RUSH LIMBAUGH STARTED
A previous recall attempt against George Gascon fell short.
(Robyn Beck/AFP)Judge Jeanine Pirro replied Flores’ prior conviction is only “consistent” with Gascon’s habit of letting violent criminals roam freely.”It doesn’t matter how violent you are. It doesn’t matter what your record it is. It doesn’t matter if you’re a threat to society, we’re going to let you loose because we believe in racial justice,” she said, characterizing Gascon’s office’s approach.”We don’t give a damn about the victims. Our job is to make sure that the criminals get out.”Pirro, who held Gascon’s elected prosecutor role in Westchester County, N.Y. for many years, said a recall would not do the community justice.”Recall is too good for this guy, Jesse. Recall is not enough. This guy should be prosecuted. I don’t know what for, but the blood of those police officers is on his hands,” she said.BORDER PATROL PUNISHMENTS COMING IN PART DUE TO BIDEN’S PLEDGE: CARTER
George Gascon as SF Police Chief
(Justin Sullivan)”But for his handling the case the way he did, this dirtbag, who’s now dead, the gang member, would have been in prison and wouldn’t have had the opportunity to kill those cops.”Pirro said Gascon’s continued radicalism is an offshoot of the national Democratic Party led by President Biden. ” What we’re seeing across this country and with this administration is a decision by the people in power of what crimes they want to prosecute and what crimes they won’t prosecute,” she said.CLICK TO GET FOX NEWS APPThe judge added that when Democrats talk about injustice, it is not truly on racial lines, but if anything, on political ones.”There is a real segregation here, and I’m not talking color. I’m talking about the right and the left: If they think that someone should be forgiven for everything he’s done, irrespective of the violence that has occurred to another individual, they don’t care about it,” she said.Watters added that LAPD officers are likely to follow in the footsteps of the NYPD, which famously began turning their backs to then-Mayor Bill de Blasio following a spate of officers being killed. Charles Creitz is a reporter for Fox News Digital. 

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