Levin declares US recession, blames ‘Democrats’ invasion of Washington DC’

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President Biden has ushered in a recession, no matter what economists claim, and was saved by Republicans and Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.V., from a full-blown depression, former Reagan Justice Department chief of staff Mark Levin said Thursday on “Hannity.”Levin, host of “Life, Liberty & Levin” on Fox News, suggested many of the crises Biden has overseen are not necessarily by accident.”Joe Biden is a one-man wrecking-ball and he’s taken his idiocy to our economy – and the American people need to understand something: You’re living in the United States of the Democrat Party,” he said, pointing out the one-party rule in all aspect of the country.”They control all the elected branches of government. You’re seeing what it’s like. You’re seeing what their promises are like when they’re actually put into action.”LEVIN BLASTS LIBERAL OUTRAGE AT POTENTIAL ROE REVERSAL: ‘WAS KOREMATSU OR DRED SCOTT GOOD LAW?’ Levin said the Mexican border is “open” in order to facilitate the importation of “as many Democrats as [the Biden administration] possibly can.”In terms of the continued multi-billion-dollar spending bills, Levin said Democrats are collapsing the economy through inflation.”By the way, we’re in a recession. I don’t care what the economists say – and if this is handled badly, we’re going to be in a depression. The stock market has hit 1932 levels… People cannot afford food and gasoline,” he said.Levin also rebuked Biden’s penchant to blame Russia for his own crises and failures:”Vladimir Putin, who is a monster, has nothing to do with any of this. It’s not Vladimir Putin and his invasion of Ukraine. It’s Biden and the Democrats and their invasion of Washington, D.C.”CLICK TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP
1/6 Committee
((AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite))Levin added that while Biden may be largely unskilled at governance, his political acolytes are continuing their quest to dismantle or undermine American institutions like the Judiciary.”They are trashing of the United States Supreme Court… the attempt to nationalize the voting system to ensure the Democrats always win,” he said, referring to election federalization legislation like that of Rep. John Sarbanes, D-Md., “H.R. 1” bill.FLASHBACK: DEMS REVIVE ‘FOR THE PEOPLE ACT’He pointed to Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson’s January 6th Committee as another example of Democrats’ strong-arm tactics, adding while there are threats to “burn down the Supreme Court” from Democratic activists, the real special committee should be one investigating what Democrats and their “mob” have done to the U.S.”If we don’t crush this opposition, if we don’t win in 2024, America is gone,” he predicted.”These aren’t policy differences. This is a choice about whether you love America or hate America.”

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