Leo Terrell blasts National School Boards Association for requesting military aid: ‘That is a threat’

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Fox News contributor Leo Terrell warned that the National School Boards Association’s request for military aid at meetings is a “threat” to the country. On “Fox & Friends” Tuesday, Terrell said he’d never seen any attempts like this in his 30 years as a teacher and a lawyer to “brainwash” schoolchildren with leftist theories. NATIONAL SCHOOL BOARDS ASSOCIATION RIPPED APART AFTER LETTER COMPARING PARENTS TO DOMESTIC TERRORISTS: REPORTLEO TERRELL: Since the Biden administration got into the White House, they have been trying to develop a plan to indoctrinate our children. And this is scary. As a school teacher, in my 30 years of being a public school teacher and a lawyer, I’ve never seen this before. They want to basically brainwash our kids with racist, leftist theories. And you saw what happened in Virginia. Even Democrats rejected it. Look who’s in the governorship in Virginia because there was an uproar. I don’t think people can really understand the magnitude of this. For them to put in a letter for military intervention. That is a threat to our country. And by the way, they need to go to a government class because you can’t use the military in civilian affairs. WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW BELOW: 

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