Left leveling ‘fantasy charges’ in response to Buffalo shooting because they’re all out of options: Steele

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The left has been reduced to “scraping around for tragedies” like the deadly Buffalo shooting in order to exploit it for political gain, Hoover Institution senior fellow Shelby Steele told Tucker Carlson Tuesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Steele said leftists are leveling “fantasy charges,” against those who disagree with their ideology are fueled by desperation, as their options dwindle rapidly.SHELBY STEELE: They seem to have no more arrows in their quiver to fight with, to struggle with, and so they are reduced to sort of scraping around for these tragedies like what happened in Buffalo as something you can turn from tragedy to power. I think it is ultimately probably always, very often, about power and whatever narrative or scenario grabs power is what they do, whether it makes logical sense or not.—I’m not altogether sure what it is that makes them skip over reality, [they are] so happy to skip over reality to these sort of fantasy charges that they make, but they obviously get us nowhere. At this point, they are almost willing to do anything. They seem to have very minimal scruples about how to move forward in American life at this point. My own little humble opinion is, I have written a good bit about it, is that one of the great forces – one of the most powerful forces in American life today is White guilt. And guilt, you have to seem to be going against your own self-interest to gain that expiation, that redemption that White guilt basically seems to long for. And it seems to me they are caught in that. At this point. It is taking us nowhere. You can’t resolve guilt.—CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPPart of the problem, I think, that has happened to the left is that they have become exhausted. Their ideas… we have been driven by those ideas now since at least the ’60s. They fail unrelentingly. I mean, they fail with a kind of absolute precision. And that – that is where they are at. They’re desperate.WATCH SHELBY STEELE’S FULL INTERVIEW HERE:

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