Kevin McCarthy says GOP will focus on getting the country back to America First policies

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy joined “Hannity” on Monday to discuss what the Republican Party will do about inflation, gas prices and the border if they take back the House in November.KEVIN MCCARTHY: We are focused on making sure the country comes back to the policies that makes us strong: America first. We had low gas prices, we had a secure border, we had safe streets, we had a future for our kids to be able to grow up in. And the Democrats have now taken over. They don’t want to talk about it. You just showed that graph. While they had this January 6th meeting. Here they are, a January 6th hearing, overwhelmingly people are googling about gas prices. Families are spending $311 more dollars per month. That’s paying for a new car without getting the car. Sixty-four percent of Americans are driving to the grocery store less because they can’t afford the gas to get there and the Dems won’t talk about it because they have no solutions. GAS PRICES FUELING COMING DEMOCRATIC BLOODBATH IN MIDTERMS, REPUBLICANS SAY Well the first thing when we take over the House, we’re going to make a commitment to America. We’ll lay out exactly what we’ll do. We’ll make America energy independent, that will make the gas prices lower, put more money into your pocket. We will secure the border. The other thing we’ll do is we’ll make sure your streets are safe. We’re going to go into these communities, and we’ll provide them cop grants only if their D.A.’s uphold every single law. We will provide a parent’s bill of rights that you have a right to say where your kids to go to school and input into your kid’s education. That’s just the start of what we’ll do.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPWATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE:  This article was written by Fox News staff.

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