Kellyanne Conway: Biden sounding like somebody who never takes responsibility or accountability

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Former Trump administration official Kellyanne Conway told “America’s Newsroom” Thursday that President Biden sounds like someone who does not take responsibility or accountability when it comes to the economy and inflation.BIDEN FRUSTRATED WITH AIDES FOR WALKING BACK HIS STATEMENTS, WORRIES HE LOOKS WEAK: REPORTKELLYANNE CONWAY: But every time we hear from the president, he actually makes it worse because he never actually says, “I’m sorry, I take responsibility.” I think Joe Biden is two things right now as the public sees him and the polls show. …And, Bill, one is he’s starting to sound more and more like a creature of Washington of 50 years, and he’s not able to pull across the aisle into those relationships with Republicans or to tap into the way to our good standing around the world. It seems that he’s making all of that worse. Number two, he sounds like somebody who never takes responsibility and accountability.

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