Kavanaugh threat a ‘sobering’ moment that shows the ‘age of rage’ has gone too far: Turley

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Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley argued Wednesday Democrats need to reconsider “overheated rhetoric” attacking the Supreme Court following the arrest of a California man who threatened to kill Justice Brett Kavanaugh. On “America Reports,” Turley criticized the country’s embrace of “the age of rage” and attacks on fundamental institutions. ARMED SUSPECT ARRESTED BY JUSTICE KAVANAUGH HOME IDENTIFIEDJONATHAN TURLEY: Our politicians need to understand that this type of rhetoric that we saw from Senator Schumer has consequences. We had Senator Shaheen saying that if the court reversed Roe v Wade, there’d be a revolution. We’ve had other members who have used this overheated rhetoric, and that, I’m sure, is not intended to be a call to violence, but it can be heard in different ways. And I think the members have got to take that to heart. But there’s been attacks on this institution for years and coming particularly from Democratic politicians. You had AOC saying that she didn’t really understand the value anymore of the institution itself – the Supreme Court. And so it’s the institution has been under attack, but now we’re seeing individual justices who are under attack. The image of this black-clad assassin standing outside the home of one of our justices should be a sobering moment for the entire nation that this has gone too far – this age of rage. We’re becoming addicted to rage as a nation, and we have to come together as sensible people.WATCH THE FULL VIDEO BELOW:  This article was written by Fox News staff.

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