Kamala Harris tweet on abortion rights slammed by liberals: ‘Literally the embodiment of thoughts and prayers’

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Vice President Kamala Harris faced a rare bipartisan attack on Twitter following a post about fighting for abortion “rights” from Friday night.On her official vice president Twitter account, Harris posted an image of herself watching CNN’s coverage of pro-choice protests while flying on Air Force 2.”I know there are women out there who are afraid. To those of you who feel alone and scared: I want you to know the President and I are fighting for you and your rights. We are in this fight together,” Harris tweeted.
Vice President Kamala Harris speaks with members of the press before boarding Air Force Two at Buffalo Niagara International Airport, Saturday, May 28, 2022, in Buffalo, N.Y. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)
After the Supreme Court overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade case, several pro-choice protests broke out throughout the country with riots taking place in major cities.STACEY ABRAMS WARNS BUSINESSES TO CONSIDER ‘DANGER’ GOV. BRIAN KEMP’S ABORTION LAWS POSE TO WOMEN IN GEORGIA Although several other Democrat politicians denounced the court’s decision, many liberal Twitter users called out Harris’ tweet as being too vague and meaningless.”Could you be specific? Like, *how* are you fighting? Describe the tactics, explain the policy, give us the rundown,” New York Magazine contributor Hillary Kelly wrote.Actor James Urbaniak joked, “I want you to know: we are watching TV.””Um. 36,000 feet above everything, watching on a big a– TV in a private plane, and the message is ‘we’re in this together’? I’m not sure you guys get where the rest of us are at right now,” Daily Kos writer Joan McCarter posted.AOC WONDERS IF PRO-LIFE DEMOCRATS SHOULD CONTINUE TO SERVE: ‘WE REALLY NEED TO REASSESS’ 
Vice President Kamala Harris waves as she departs after speaking at the Tribal Nations Summit in the South Court Auditorium on the White House campus, Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2021, in Washington. 
(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)”Not VP Kamala Harris watching the erosion of #RoeVsWade from her plane, at a distance. Whoever thought this was good photo-op needs to be fired immediately. This is literally the embodiment of thoughts and prayers,” writer Anna Gifty tweeted.Sports writer Trent Reinsmith similarly echoed, “So, more or less, ‘thoughts and prayers…'”Ernest Owens, editor-at-large for Philadelphia magazine, tweeted to Harris, “Change his mind on this [changing the filibuster to protect abortion rights] and I’ll believe you.”
US Vice President Kamala Harris speaks about reproductive rights as she virtually meets with abortion providers in the South Auditorium at the White House in Washington, DC on May 19, 2022. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)
CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPIn 2021, court documents indicated that Harris colluded with abortion providers as she worked a case against pro-life journalist David Daleiden as California’s Attorney General. More recently in May, Harris met virtually with abortion providers at the White House to discuss the potential impact of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. Lindsay Kornick is an associate editor for Fox News Digital. Story tips can be sent to lindsay.kornick@fox.com and on Twitter: @lmkornick.

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