Joy Behar gives Biden a pass on baby formula shortage, inflation and gas prices: ‘A worldwide problem’

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“The View” host Joy Behar said Monday that all Republicans “really care about” is making President Biden look bad during a conversation about the baby formula shortage, adding that inflation and high gas prices were not on him.”In May, 192 Republicans voted against easing the baby formula shortage with $28 million in emergency spending. Only 12 voted with the Dems,” Goldberg said, adding that former President Donald Trump “made sure we can’t get baby formula from Canada because the trade rules that he put in, in the U.S./Mexico/Canada agreement punished Canadian companies if they export too much baby formula here.”ABBOTT’S MICHIGAN BABY FORMULA PLANT REOPENS: HOW LONG BEFORE PARENTS SEE MORE SUPPLY?Goldberg also said, “thank God” that they closed the Abbott plant after recalling several types of formula, which were linked to illnesses in infants. She slammed the “monopoly” the plant had over the baby formula market and said that Republicans “could have stopped this from happening.”Behar said that Republicans were voting against “the best interests of their constituencies” and that all they care about is making Biden look bad.  BABY FORMULA SHORTAGE BILLS PASS HOUSE AMID GOP CLAIMS DEMS ARE ‘COVERING UP’ THE REAL PROBLEM
“The View” hosts gave Biden a pass on the baby formula shortage, largely blaming Republicans and Donald Trump. Photo by Stefani Reynolds / AFP 
(Photo by STEFANI REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images))”That seems to be their M.O.,” Behar said. “What do they say? Let’s do something to the Libs, own the Libs and make Biden look bad.” Behar pivoted to inflation and gas prices. “And by the way, inflation is a worldwide problem, he’s getting blamed for that. The gasoline is a worldwide problem, yes its $5, $6 here, it’s like $11, $12 in Europe. So you cannot blame the president for every single thing,” Behar continued. 
Joy Behar said on “The View” on Monday that the president cannot be blamed for “every little thing.”
(Screenshot/ABC/TheView)THE VIEW CREDITS OBAMA FOR TRUMPS ‘SOARING’ ECONOMY, CLAIMS GOP ‘DESTROYS’ ECONOMIES DESPITE BIDEN WOESGuest host Lindsey Granger noted that she is a mom to a baby and that her daughter drinks formula. “I think that parents are just frustrated by anything partisan having to do with this, because I want to know how to feed my kid,” Granger said. “And I just am asking for some guidance from the FDA and President Biden who knew that was pandemic was happening, knew there were short of supplies and knew that parents were stockpiling, then knew that Abbott closed down. The FDA found out that Abbott was going to have issues in the whistleblower complaint in October. They went to go talk to that whistleblower in December and then checked the place in February. That’s four months that lapsed in communication. People just want some guidance. People don’t want to hear about politics in this regard. They want to know how to move forward.” 
Joy Behar said on the “The View” that Republicans were to blame for the baby formula shortage. 
(reuters/Kaylee Greenlee Beal)CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPAbbott’s plant in Sturgis, Michigan, reopened on Saturday and restarted production. The company said they would start by making EleCare and other special formulas first, and they hope to get their products in stores by the end of June.  Hanna Panreck is an associate editor at Fox News.

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