Joseph Quinn Reflects on Stranger Things, Working With Gaten Matarazzo

ComingSoon caught up with Stranger Things Season 4 star Joseph Quinn, who put in a season-stealing performance as Eddie Munson. Quinn spoke about his emotional final scene in the series, which had to be filmed months apart, and being part of the social phenomenon that is the Netflix series.“It was lovely [working with Matarazo],” Quinn told ComingSoon. “He’s a great person to work with. But logistically it was quite a weird scene to film. We shot it at the end of a very grueling night shoot, where we started at 6:00 p.m. or maybe 8:00 p.m. and then finished at 6:00 a.m. So it was a proper nocturnal night shoot, and we’d done all of the fights and stuff. Then I was in makeup, prosthetic makeup surgery, being worked on by four or five brilliant makeup artists, and then wheeled out and chopped on the floor. We managed to get my coverage before the sun came up and then literally months later we shot Gaten’s coverage. So it was quite weird knowing that that scene wasn’t quite done. But we were both very relieved to get that monkey off our back. It was such a delight doing that with him because he’s so great.”RELATED: Stranger Things Seasons Ranked Following Season 4 Volume 2Overall, the experience of being a part of Stranger Things feels like hitting the lottery for Quinn.“It feels kind of insane. It is very rare … something comes out maybe once or twice in a generation that touches people’s hearts in the way that this show does. It’s multi-generational and the themes within it seem to transcend so many cultures — which is phenomenal. And so to be a part of that happens once in an actor’s career, if you are unfathomably lucky. I feel that, and to have had such a brilliantly written and empathetically written character with such a strong beginning, middle, and end … it’s a little bit of a lottery ticket. I sound like a broken record, but yeah, I feel very lucky.”

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