Jesse Watters: Legacy media still covering up for Biden’s frail and failing presidency

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Jesse Watters on Monday uses footage of President Biden’s bike mishap to excoriate the commander-in-chief for not being able to do the job he was elected to do on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”JESSE WATTERS: Their puppet is falling apart in front of our very eyes. We’ve seen him [Biden] trip several times while walking up the stairs to Air Force One, and that’s just what’s been caught on video. Right before Biden came to the White House he broke his foot chasing his dog out of the shower. The media ignored it all. They were hoping if they didn’t talk about it, we wouldn’t notice, but the president had a cast on his foot for a while and a bunch of reporters probably asked if they could sign his cast. This weekend, it happened again. Joe was on, yet, another vacation in Delaware when he forgot to do the one thing you are not supposed to forget. Which is ride a bike.…CAITLYN JENNER: THE MEDIA IGNORED BIDEN’S BIKE FALL, BUT AREN’T WE USED TO THAT?We’re not here to make fun of the president. We don’t want to kick a man while he is down on the ground after falling off a stationary bike. We’re most concerned, I mean, he is the most powerful man that the world and he just fell over and slammed into the pavement. This should be on the front page of every paper, the lead-in every newscast, but it’s not. …BIDEN FALLS OFF BIKE ON DELAWARE RIDE WITH FIRST LADY, SAYS ‘I’M GOOD’The network Sunday news didn’t even show the video of the leader of the free world going splat on the pavement. That the networks are still covering up for Joe Biden’s frail and failing presidency. WATCH THE FULL SEGMENT BELOW:  This article was written by Fox News staff.

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