January 6 committee would ‘benefit so much’ from Republican-appointed Republicans on it: Byron York

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Fox News contributor Byron York explained why the Jan. 6 committee would benefit “so much” from Republican-appointed Republicans’ service on it Tuesday on “Special Report.”TRUMP LUNGED AT SECRET SERVICE AGENT WHO SAID HE COULDN’T GO TO CAPITOL ON JANUARY 6: AIDEYORK: Cassidy Hutchinson had spoken – done interviews – on video with the [Jan. 6] committee four times before this. And yet this hearing was presented as kind of a last minute, urgent, hot new information sort of thing. So the committee would benefit so much from having Republican-appointed Republicans on there who could ask questions. “Have we talked to the these witnesses? Have we corroborated this evidence?” The questions could be asked in a hearing. They could be actually more spontaneous than this. Now, on the other hand, this hearing presented a lot of really unflattering information about Donald Trump, who exercised terrible judgment on [Jan.] 6. We know that he was happy to see a big crowd. He was happy to see a big crowd go to the Capitol. And he had to be pushed to condemn what was going on. So it did confirm that. But of course, we’ve known that for quite a while. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FOX NEWS APPWATCH THE FULL DISCUSSION BELOW: This article was written by Fox News staff.

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