Illegal immigrants call police on Lawrence Jones

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“Cross Country” host Lawrence Jones recalled what it was like following a bus of migrants in a sneak preview of his show Thursday on “Hannity.”JONES: The Biden administration had told us that these flights were going to end, that this wasn’t going on. We got a tip from a source saying that they were doing these flights yet again. They had quit them for a moment. But we did something different. They get on these busses, about three busses. There [were] about 150-plus migrants [who] got onto those busses, women, children, grown men. We decided to follow one of those busses. And this is one of the turnpikes in New Jersey. All these cars that you’re seeing right there were waiting for the migrants. I wanted to go up there and talk to them and see where exactly did they come from and where were they going. So as I began to do that, I guess it agitated some of the migrants. They started flashing our cameraman with lights and everything and trying to conceal their identity. And as you see under the bus, there’s all this luggage and all this. Eventually they just stopped. They didn’t want to get out of the car because they knew my camera was out there. And so … eventually the migrants – the people [who] are here illegally – called the police on me. And things got a little contentious.WATCH THE FULL SEGMENT BELOW:

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