Hemingway warns Biden family business dealings could affect every American taxpayer

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Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway argued Tuesday the details of the Biden family’s lives are “vitally important” to the American people due to the possible influences of Hunter Biden’s business dealings on U.S. policies.  Hemingway noted on “America’s Newsroom” Tuesday that every American taxpayer could be affected by those transactions.IN MEMOIR, HUNTER BIDEN’S EX-WIFE REVEALS HOW SHE LEARNED ABOUT AFFAIR WITH SISTER-IN-LAW: ‘NO MORE SECRETS’MOLLIE HEMINGWAY: According to Joe Biden, it’s all new money in that he claims he grew up poor. And so all of the Biden family business is brand-new money based on his 50-plus years in power. And that’s why Americans are interested, not because they need to know the details of an addict’s life, but because this money is given to these family members in exchange for changes in U.S. policy that affects every taxpayer. That’s why it’s a vitally important story. WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW BELOW: This article was written by Fox News staff.

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