Greg Gutfeld: The only thing more dangerous to a minority population is a White leftist

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“The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld weighed in Wednesday on the significance of the recall election against San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin in one of America’s most liberal cities. GREG GUTFELD: You only have so much shelf space, I talk about this, so it’s like I’m okay with, like, attacking pronouns and talking about statues and the offensiveness of holiday decorations. But first let’s get the basic stuff down, and what happened was they replaced the basic concerns with this external nonsense. So what happened was they also replaced the real victims of rape, assault, murder, family suffering whatever you… Any crime was replaced with these political identity victims of TikTok politics. You know the people that claim their feelings. That’s what they chased. So I think that was the big problem. OUSTING CHESA BOUDIN, SAN FRANCISCO’S PROGRESSIVE DA, IS ‘BITTERSWEET,’ RECALL ACTIVIST SAYS  The other thing, I don’t know if there’s anything more dangerous to a minority population than a White leftist because they can experiment with them. They can try out things and be immune from the consequences. They live in the better neighborhoods, so they can say, “Hey let’s release the criminals, not going to be my problem. I’m not going to be mugged, and I feel so good.” I also want to say I like this recall vote idea. Why don’t they just make it automatic every six months because remember, this is a story of reality versus ideology and reality won but look how long it took. Three years since 2019. If you had an automated recall vote every six months they would have stopped this thing well ahead and lives would have been saved. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP WATCH THE FULL DISCUSSION HERE:  This article was written by Fox News staff.

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