Gowdy on Texas shooting: How has the US still not figured out a way to keep children alive at school?

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“Sunday Night in America” host Trey Gowdy took U.S. leaders to task for their response to the Uvalde, Texas, elementary school shooting in an impassioned opening monologue over the weekend, wondering at what point the country will “be resolved enough to stop the killing of schoolchildren.”TEXAS SCHOOL SHOOTING: LIVE UPDATESTREY GOWDY: Schools and churches were once safe havens seemingly immune from the evils of the outside world. Those days have long since passed, nothing is safe or immune anymore, your place of employment is at risk, your grocery stores, your malls, everything is seemingly at risk. When 20 children were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School I knew this country would do something…. I knew this country would come together, despite our differences to make sure elementary schools were safe. That is the least that we could do. Those that talk about the sanctity of life, prove it by protecting the lives of children. I knew this great country, birthed into existence with the fundamental belief in the alienable right to life would come together into something to protect the lives of children. There is no freedom and pursuit of happiness without life. And yet here we are again and again, and again, burying children. —This country cured diseases no one thought curable, split an atom, and liberated and rebuilt a continent. This country sacrificed so other people, oceans away, would have life and be free. There is seemingly nothing that we cannot do, except keep children alive while simply attending elementary school… Hearing that children were killed again saddens every person of good conscience. But, we should force ourselves to feel more than that. We should force ourselves to read the names of those children. Know their names. Know something about their lives, feel the pain of their parents and grandparents as best as we can. So finally, maybe, this country will get angry and tired and be resolved enough to stop the killing of schoolchildren.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPWATCH TREY GOWDY’S FULL MONOLOGUE BELOW 

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