Former Trump acting attorney general says subpoena of Trump’s former White House counsel ‘crosses a line’

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Former Trump acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker explained how the January 6 Committee’s subpoena of Trump’s former White House counsel “crosses a line” Wednesday on “The Ingraham Angle.”MATT WHITAKER: They keep trying to entice everyone with, “This is the most important thing you could watch.” And then when you see what they have, you’re like, “This doesn’t tell me anything.” I’m concerned that this crosses a line of really peeking into the most confidential communications at the White House. They already obviously try to go against Mark Meadows, tried to hold him in contempt, tried to prosecute him. DOJ said, “We’re not going to prosecute a chief of staff.” CASSIDY HUTCHINSON REACTION: JANUARY 6 COMMITTEE AGAIN PUSHES FORMER WH COUNSEL PAT CIPOLLONE TO TESTIFYAnd now we’re going after the White House counsel. The Constitution is designed for accommodation and for this interesting dance between the legislative branch and the executive branch. This knocks it all down, and I think is really an aggressive and unnecessary step. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FOX NEWS APPWATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW BELOW: This article was written by Fox News staff.

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