Former FBI investigator details fortifying America’s schools after Texas school shooting

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Former FBI investigator Bill Daly joined “The Five” to discuss Tuesday’s school shooting at Robb Elementary School and actions the country can take to better secure America’s schools. BILL DALY: You know, do we need to do more in the way of fortification of our schools, even in the more smaller, you know, primary schools, as opposed to what we to focus only on the high schools or even colleges where they feel as though students may carry weapons and come in and not that outsiders burst into a school. We need to look at something more like this. It’s very tragic to think that we don’t have all the answers right now. You know, this is also been, I think, something that I guess fortunately because of COVID, there was a bit of a hiatus, right. People weren’t in school. So we didn’t have these concerns. And now with everyone coming back and being back full time in school, now for almost a year and going into next year, maybe it’s something we need to look at with regard to let’s revisit this. Let’s revisit to a training, the perimeter security around schools because that’s the last offense. …You know, we try to get our hands around all these things that happen out there from and a sociological standpoint, from a psychological standpoint, from a behavioral standpoint, what happens in the community kind of help this person before they commit an act. But do we need to focus more on securing that perimeter, kind of providing kind of a ring of steel around these very important locations where we have our young treasures learning? And what do we need to do there? From physical security, presence of police or security officers, and then training of students and teachers, no matter how young there may be, that may be something that saves their life.WATCH THE FULL SEGMENT BELOW:

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