Florida man found dead in gator-ridden lake after searching for Frisbee

Florida alligator blocks man’s front door An alligator in Florida decided that the residents of an Odessa home weren’t going anywhere for a short period of time on Wednesday, and blocked the front door. (Courtesy: Ed Ferraro)NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles!
A Florida man was fatally attacked by an alligator Tuesday while looking for a Frisbee in a gator-filled lake near a disc golf course at John S. Taylor Park.The unidentified victim, 47, went on a hunt for Frisbees where signs reportedly warn people not to swim in the lake.Ken Hostnick, 56, who visits the course often, says it is common for people to dive in the lake to find lost discs in order to make some money, despite the warning signs.”These are people that are down on their luck,” Hostnick 56, told the Tampa Bay Times. “Sometimes they dive in the lakes, they’ll pull out 40 discs. You may sell them for five bucks a piece, and you may sell them for 10 bucks a piece, depending on the quality.”NEW YORK, MASSACHUSETTS BEACHES SEE SHARKS OVER MEMORIAL DAY WEEKENDIt is not the first incident where a person was attacked by an alligator in Taylor Lake while disc-hunting. In June 2020, a man was bitten in the face by an alligator, but was able to escape and seek medical treatment, according to the Tampa Bay Times.Nine alligator bites were reported in Florida in 2021, while 12 were reported in 2020. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPA contracted alligator specialist has been tasked to remove the alligator from the lake. If investigators determine that Tuesday’s death is gator-related, it would be the first fatal attack since 2019, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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