Florida AG rips ‘unlawful’ disinformation board: ‘Suspicious’ timing after Elon Musk purchased Twitter

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Ashley Moody said the “timing is really suspicious” with the announcement of a DHS disinformation board coming right after Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter. The Florida attorney general joined “Fox & Friends First” Friday to address the problem with the Biden administration forming a disinformation board to crack down on “misinformation.” 20 REPUBLICAN-LED STATES THREATEN LEGAL ACTION AGAINST DHS, URGE DISBANDING OF ‘UN-AMERICAN’ DISINFO BOARDASHLEY MOODY: Every day we see another step by this administration that becomes more absurd, glaringly unlawful, and it leaves one to beg. What’s next? These are things that we see in communist Cuba or Maduro’s Venezuela, where you are shutting down any view that’s oppositional. And we know what that means, although Mayorkas had a difficult time defining what this information would be. We know what that means because the person that they’ve put in charge of this has said, well, basically it’s Republicans that are ‘dis-informers.’ So it’s anything that disagrees with this incredibly irresponsible, incompetent administration. So this is shocking. And it begs the question of what’s next. … And the timing is really suspicious considering Elon Musk just took away their Twitter platform in which they try to control the narrative.WATCH FULL VIDEO BELOW:

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