Ex-Obama official slams Biden’s national security team for ‘disastrous’ diplomacy: ‘A real process problem’

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A former Obama administration official criticized President Biden’s “reckless” foreign policy statements in a new USA Today op-ed. On “Fox & Friends” Thursday, former White House Global Engagement Director Brett Bruen urged the White House to bring in a new national security team.WHITE HOUSE DEFENDS US-SAUDI ‘STRATEGIC’ PARTNERSHIP, AFTER BIDEN VOWED TO MAKE COUNTRY A ‘PARIAH STATE’BRETT BRUEN: I do [think Jake Sullivan needs to go]. And I said that last summer after the reckless retreat from Afghanistan. But I think it’s got to go beyond Jake, because there is a real process problem here. And you see it playing out time and time again. And in response to that op-ed last summer in USA Today, the White House obviously trained their fire on me and on the work that I’ve been doing, just trying to be a credible voice on some of these issues. And I think, quite frankly, what we need is to acknowledge some of the problems, because if we don’t, we’re not going to fix them. WATCH THE FULL VIDEO BELOW:  This article was written by Fox News staff.

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