Emily Compagno blasts Washington Post writer’s ‘deeply offensive’ remarks downplaying inflation

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“Outnumbered” co-host Emily Compagno called Washington Post columnist Michelle Singletary’s advice on inflation “deeply offensive” after the writer told Americans to “stop complaining” about rising prices. Compagno invited Singletary to visit her family’s vineyard, a small business they operate, to see firsthand the increase in costs and how it affects American family businesses.JOY BEHAR ASKS KARINE JEAN-PIERRE HOW TO CONVINCE AMERICANS INFLATION, GAS PRICES ARE ‘NOT JOE BIDEN’S FAULT’EMILY COMPAGNO: My family has a small business that you guys know, and it’s an agricultural one. And the idea from this Washington Post columnist, Miss Singletary there, that we somehow are complaining, that we’ve overblown or overinflated the pain that we are experiencing as a small business, trying to make ends meet and trying to make payroll is so deeply out of touch and so deeply offensive. I invite her to come out to the vineyard. I invite her to come out and get a tour and look at how many things we have to purchase on a monthly basis to upkeep and comply with environmental regulations and state and federal regulations. How those costs have absolutely soared. And you know what we’ve refused to do? Is pass that cost on to the consumer. … We do not pass it on to the consumer because unlike them, unlike this White House, we respect our fellow American, and we know that they’re going through a hard time, too.WATCH THE FULL “OUTNUMBERED” DISCUSSION BELOW:  This article was written by Fox News staff.

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