Democrats are ‘killing America’: Rick Perry

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President Biden’s deference to the left-wing Green New Deal agenda is evident in his refusal to take steps to bring down energy prices, former Energy Secretary Rick Perry said Friday.Perry, the preceding Republican governor of Texas, told “Hannity” that Biden is so loyal to the green energy agenda from the Democratic socialist wing of his party that he is willing to allow Americans to increasingly suffer and scrape to make ends meet.”They believe that $6 [per gallon] gas will stop people from using gasoline, and all it’s doing is killing the middle and lower class in this country,” Perry said.The former governor recounted a recent visit to a recycling facility near La Grange, Texas, where a worker told him he has been forced to fill his vehicle halfway instead of fully to afford food for his family.”And he said, you know what? I’m about to believe the only people in this country that are Democrats are the rich — because us poor folks, we’re done with them, and I think that was a real statement about what’s happening in this country,” Perry said.BABY FORMULA CRISIS: BIDEN’S LACK OF FORESIGHT SLAMMED AS ‘UNCARING,’ ‘STUPID’
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(AP-iStock)”Joe Biden and all his rich friends, all that woke Left that they don’t care about $6 gasoline. They think that’s a great thing, but it’s killing America.”In regard to White House insistence they are doing what they can to curb the energy crisis, host Pete Hegseth said independent economists have indeed drawn out concrete steps the administration or Congress can take.GUN CONTROL ACTIVISTS OFTEN THE MOST IGNORANT ON FIREARMS FACTS: CAIN
An oil pumpjack operates in the drive-thru area of a McDonald’s in Bradford, Pennsylvania. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid
(Reuters)One economist, he said, cited the government’s ability to issue waivers for the Jones Act, a 1920s protectionist law prohibiting foreign flagged ships from directly connecting two U.S. ports. The economist said oil refiners in Texas have preferred selling oil to Holland instead of transporting it to New Jersey ports because of Jones Act roadblocks.If the Biden administration were to issue waivers, it could increase the gasoline supply, as merchants would be more inclined to choose Bayonne over Rotterdam, the expert explained.CLICK TO GET FOX NEWS APPPerry added that in addition to the Jones Act waivers, Biden could immediately reverse his increasing restrictions on oil exploration in Alaska. 

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