Critical race theory gets injected into medicine, Biden’s immigration mess makes every state a border state

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Welcome to the Fox News Opinion Newsletter. To receive this newsletter in your email, subscribe here.TUCKER CARLSON – The only way Democrats will win the next election is to convince voters that Republicans are dangerous  Continue reading…WEAPONIZING MEDICINE – Critical race theory and training in ‘implicit bias’ is now required for me to renew my medical license in Massachusetts. Continue reading…WE’RE ALL AT THE BORDER NOW – Biden’s failed immigration policies turned every state into a border state. Continue reading…GREG GUTFELD – Biden takes every opportunity to divide America. Continue reading…LESS PAIN AT THE PUMP – Here are 3 ways ethanol brings down gas prices. Continue reading…TWO WAYS UKRAINE COULD WIN – This critical battle could change everything. Continue reading…VIDEO OF THE DAY – Sean Hannity says this state’s widespread mail-in voting is a big problem:  Watch now…RETIRED AND NOW A NOBODY – Turns out, it’s not so bad no longer being somebody. Continue reading…BIDEN’S BIG MOUTH – Joe Biden’s China-Taiwan gaffe just latest mistake that could start a war. Continue reading…TITLE 42 TO THE RESCUE – Will Biden capitalize on a judge’s ruling by making a course correction on his failed border security policies? Continue reading… CARTOON OF THE DAY – Econocide. Check out all of our political cartoons…

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