Colorado couple head for Hawaii to build a new life together

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Howie and Theresa were such a fun couple to profile on “American Dream Home.”They have a wonderful backstory. They met at a conference and lived thousands of miles apart — but true love made sure that miles didn’t matter!Colorado and Hawaii finally merged and their dream was Hawaii. HOMEBUYERS IN SPRING BRANCH, TEXAS, SEARCH FOR THEIR ‘AMERICAN DREAM HOME’Now, after years of building their business and family, they work side-by-side as a team. Watching them do this reminded me of my parents. Every day may not be easy — but every day should include a little laughter. A hug, too. 
“American Dream Home” on FOX Business Network profiled a couple who moved from Colorado to the island of Hawaii. Here, the beautiful Keawaiki Bay in Wai’Anapanapa State Park is shown. 
(Hawaii Tourism Authority/Tor Johnson)Howie and Theresa’s story of losing their home in Colorado brought me to tears. All of Howie’s memories were gone — but Theresa was there for him. In addition, Theresa’s commitment to her parents was inspiring. I caught up with Howie and Theresa this week several months after our film crew left the island. 
A visitor is shown standing on top of the remains of a WWII pillbox bunker during a hike in Oahu, Hawaii, this past March.
(Danielle Pellini)Question: How was the experience filming with the TV crew? Any surprises for you?Answer: The film crew was fun and efficient! Loved spending the couple of days together. A surprise was how hard they work! Q: How is life in your new home — and how is your new life in Hawaii?A: Life is blessed! We’re excited that we’ve had many family members over to enjoy it. ALABAMA COUPLE SEARCH FOR COUNTRY ESCAPE ON ‘AMERICAN DREAM HOME’Q: You two seem to have such a great relationship. What’s your secret? What do you think is the secret sauce for such a wonderful life together?”We have a foundation with our faith as Christians that keeps us anchored.” A: Lots of room for each other’s personalities. Respect and trust each other. We have a foundation with our faith as Christians that keeps us anchored. 
Cheryl Casone is host of “American Dream Home” on FOX Business Network; it airs every Wednesday evening at 9 p.m. ET. 
(Fox News)Q: What types of life experiences have shaped you as people? Are there any experiences you can tell our viewers in life that made you successful? Stories? Life lessons? CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPA: The fire in our home in the 2012 was something that made us know that the most important things in life are our faith, family and friends.  Cheryl Casone joined FOX Business Network (FBN) as an anchor in September 2007. She’s the host of “American Dream Home” on FBN, Wednesdays at 9pm ET. Casone is also a financial contributor on FOX News Channel (FNC) where she provides weekly job reports.

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