Clinton campaign manager drops ‘bombshell’ exposing Clinton and media mob’s years-long Russia hoax

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Fox News legal analyst George Jarrett walked viewers through Robby Mook’s testimony in the Trump-Russia trial Friday night, on “Hannity.”GEORGE JARRETT: [Clinton] personally approved the scheme to peddle phony collusion information to the media, that dropped like a bombshell by her own campaign manager, Robby Mook. And it seemed so incredibly foolish for the defense of all people to have called Mook to the witness stand. It’s fundamental in trying cases, never call a witness to the stand. That only helps you a little bit because the downside of hurting you tremendously is quite severe. And sure enough, that’s what happened. I mean, Mook helped a little bit marginally by saying, well, we the campaign didn’t put up Sussman going to the FBI, to lie to them. What the campaign intended is irrelevant. What’s material is what Sussman’s intent was, and his intent has already been demonstrated by the evidence in the testimony. He put his lie to the FBI in writing. So now he’s only left with some rather vacuous defenses.WATCH THE FULL SEGMENT HERE:

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