Campos-Duffy: Americans deserve to know the truth about President Biden and his son

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“Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy said the Hunter Biden scandals are “super shady” and said there is a potential “national security risk” if the president was involved in the financial dealings. Campos-Duffy joined “Fox & Friends” to weigh in on a Hollywood lawyer reportedly paying off more than $2 million of Hunter Biden’s delinquent taxes.HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP REPAIRMAN SUES ADAM SCHIFF, CNN FOR DEFAMATION: ‘I WAS CALLED A HACKER AND RUSSIAN ASSET’RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY: There’s so many things in this Hunter Biden story that don’t make sense. Like, Hunter Biden pays the president’s bills. Hunter Biden says his dad on his laptop gets 10% of all his shady deals with China and Russia and Ukraine. There’s so much there. You’re not grabbing at straws here. It’s in the laptop. It’s in the emails that he’s writing in the text messages to his daughter. So what’s interesting to me is, why haven’t we gotten more out of the government, out of the FBI? Why hasn’t there been a conclusion? We don’t know. To be fair, if the FBI is doing a forensic investigation into Joe Biden, because that’s really the story here is Joe Biden. But listen, this isn’t Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates with complicated transactions. The FBI could do this audit in their sleep. And we would know right now if Joe Biden received any of Hunter Biden’s money. And that’s important for us to know, because if that’s true, then our president is potentially compromised. He may be a national security risk to our nation. He may be making policies in deals that are in the interests of covering up the money that he’s taken from this whole scheme with his son instead of doing what’s right for the American people. And we deserve to know. WATCH FULL VIDEO BELOW:

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