California crime surge: Former candidate rips far-left DAs Boudin, Gascon, says ‘people are angry’

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A former California congressional candidate is slamming the Golden State’s ultra-progressive district attorneys for their soft-on-crime approach as violent crime surges across the state. Republican Elizabeth Heng warned against San Francisco’s Chesa Boudin and LA’s George Gascon on “Fox & Friends First,” arguing their handling of the state’s crime is setting a dangerous precedent. 
Chesa Boudin, 39, a fourth district attorney candidate, shares his thoughts during the SF City Insider podcast at the San Francisco Chronicle in San Francisco, Calif., on Wednesday, August 28, 2019.)
(Yalonda M. James/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)”The drugs and homelessness is rampant,” Heng told co-host Todd Piro. “There’s feces on the street. Homicide is up 36% from 2019. Car theft is so rampant that even my friends now are opening, leaving their trunks open because it’s cheaper for someone to kind of go through and rummage through their car and allow that than to have them breaking windows and taking their things.”LOS ANGELES DA GEORGE GASCON WALKS BACK CLAIM ABOUT SHERIFF’S INVOLVEMENT IN HIT-AND-RUN PROSECUTION Boudin faces a recall election, the second recall effort against him, as San Francisco continues to endure rampant crime and homelessness. The special election is set for June 7. “I believe people in San Francisco are angry, and we simply can’t have these California bad policies that that bleed throughout the nation,” Heng said. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Gascon’s critics are outraged over his lenient sentencing for a 17-year-old who pled guilty to driving a car into a mother and her 8-month-old child walking down the street. 
Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon speaks at a press conference, December 8, 2021 in Los Angeles. On Thursday, Gascon reversed a directive that barred prosecutors from seeking cash bail, according to a memo.
(Photo by Robyn Beck / AFP)CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe minor was sentenced to a few months in a probation camp over the incident, which happened back in August 2021. “This man hit a woman and a baby brutally by a car is a criminal, stole a car, is on probation and gets a slap on the wrist,” Heng said. “This sends the wrong message to those that continue to inflict harm on our society because we need safe streets.”The mother and victim of the hit-and-run assault slammed Gascon for his lenient sentencing, saying she will be living in fear the perpetrator completes sentencing. 

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