Brian Kilmeade shows the domestic problems that get Biden ‘canceled’

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“One Nation” host Brian Kilmeade explained the economic problems that get President Biden “canceled” in Saturday’s opening monologue.BRIAN KILMEADE: You spend your time focusing on green energy instead of your own energy in producing American oil and gas. Instead, you sell our soul to Venezuela. Yeah. And you have them drill it — dirty oil. In some parts of the country, gas is $6 a gallon and rising. Mr. President, that doesn’t get you lefty votes; that gets you canceled. It gets families’ vacation[s] canceled. It gets maxed-out family budgets canceled. Interest rates are rising, keeping middle-class families from — and working-class families, for that matter — from their first home or buying a new home. So, what’s his plan to fix this mess? Brace yourself. He wants to go after the real problem: success. By claiming big business is price-gouging. He wants to target billionaires as cheaters because they are the problem, right? Of course not. But this time they are fighting back, to their credit. Even those who are typically cool with the Democratic Party like Elon Musk. WILL CAIN REVEALS HOW BIDEN’S SPENDING LED TO INFLATION…Even Amazon’s founder, the famed lead blocker and supporter of all things Democratic Jeff Bezos, fired back, slamming President Biden for saying corporations are the cause of inflation. The White House didn’t like that, writing, “It doesn’t require a huge leap to figure out why one of the wealthiest individuals on Earth opposes… an economic agenda for the middle class.” That made Bezos dig in even further. WATCH HIS FULL COMMENTS BELOW:

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