Bongino: Sussmann trial ‘the biggest political scandal in modern history’

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Reacting to former Clinton campaign manager’s bombshell testimony in the Michael Sussmann trial, “Unfiltered” host Dan Bongino signaled the political scandal is now the “biggest” in modern history on “Fox & Friends Weekend” Saturday.SPECIAL COUNSEL JOHN DURHAM’S PROSECUTION OF MICHAEL SUSSMANN: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOWDAN BONGINO: This is only, in my opinion, the biggest political scandal in modern history… But think about what happened yesterday. There’s a couple of angles to this, too, that I’m really stunned some others in the left-wing media, and I use that word ‘stunned’ loosely, have not picked up on.We had a campaign higher-up in the Hillary Clinton campaign, Robby Mook, basically admit that the biggest farce in American history, the [Russian] collusion hoax, was a fake. They knew it was a fake from the start. We spent millions and millions of dollars and tens of thousands of man-hours and occupied America’s time for four years with a ridiculous, nonsense theory. And Hillary Clinton could have shut it down the entire time. Robby Mook admits she knew from the start about this thing, she approved it and let it run anyway…
“Unfiltered” host Dan Bongino called out media outlets covering zero minutes of the “biggest political scandal in modern history” on “Fox & Friends Weekend” Saturday, May 21, 2022.
This is from February of 2019. Let me read the headline: Mueller deputy briefed on anti-Trump dossier research months before the 2016 election. Andrew Weissman, who is Bob Mueller’s bulldog investigating Trump for the Hillary Clinton hoax, they all knew was a hoax, knew in August of 2016. 2016, before the election, that this thing was a hoax, that Hillary knew it was a hoax, and then he was summoned on later to be deputized by Bob Mueller to investigate Trump on something everybody knew was a hoax. What is this, Cuba? We live in like, North Korea. This is amazing.CLINTON CAMPAIGN MANAGER’S BOMBSHELL DOES SEVERE DAMAGE TO DEFENSE’S CASEWATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW BELOW

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