Biden’s border ‘strapping’ sham, fatherless America and more Fox News Opinion

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Welcome to the Fox News Opinion Newsletter. To receive this newsletter in your email, subscribe here.TUCKER CARLSON – This is what Dr. Anthony Fauci’s COVID infection means…  Continue reading…BRANDON JUDD – Biden’s border ‘strapping’ sham should scare every American. Continue reading…AMERICA’S CRISIS IS A LACK OF FATHERS – Census Bureau data shows that nearly 18.5 million children grow up without their fathers, which has led to the United States owning the title of the world’s leader in fatherlessness. Continue reading…GREG GUTFELD – A Republican has flipped a House seat in the deep blue South Texas. That’s scary to Dems who thought the only seat flipping would be in a gender-neutral bathroom… Continue reading…STUDENT LOAN FORGIVENESS A SLAP IN THE FACE FOR MILLIONS – To say I sacrificed to graduate college as debt-free as possible is the understatement of the year… Continue reading…A NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT – What will happen when another major meat processor is confronted by an even more powerful cyberattack? Continue reading…VIDEO OF THE DAY – Sean Hannity reacts to Biden’s economic delusions touting Americans’ savings and economy, saying president is ‘asleep at the wheel.’ Watch now…CRT BY JUST ANOTHER NAME – Parents need education freedom to decide for themselves if curriculum is critical race theory… Continue reading…THE RIGHT GUY –  Former U.S. Attorney Steve Dettelbach should be our next ATF Director. Continue reading…NEBRASKA GOV. PETE RICKETTS – Biden’s transgender blackmail threatens low-income Americans… Continue reading…SCHOOL CHOICE LESSON LEARNED – School choice was on the ballot in the Iowa Republican primaries last week, and it won… Continue reading…CARTOON OF THE DAY – Changing People’s Lives. Check out all of our political cartoons…
Changing People’s Lives  6.17.22
This article was written by Fox News staff.

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