Amid rising gas prices, Yellen slammed for calling wind and solar ‘critical:’ ‘Takes tone deaf to a new level’

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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is being criticized for saying at a Senate hearing Tuesday that “the critical thing is we become more dependent on the wind and the sun” amid rising gas prices.Gas prices and energy bills have increased substantially since President Joe Biden took office.Yellen received backlash on Twitter for her comments, including from prominent conservatives. Ohio Rep. Bill Johnson tweeted, “Wind and sunlight can’t go in a gas tank. How is this helping Americans who are struggling right now?”WORLD BANK SLASHES GLOBAL ECONOMIC OUTLOOK, WARNING OF 1970S-STYLE STAGFLATION RISK
Gas prices over $6.00 per gallon are displayed at a Chevron gas station on May 20, 2022 in San Rafael, California.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Conservative commentator Jesse Kelley wrote, “The destruction is intentional. Those gas prices you’re mad about, Democrats did that on purpose.” Yellen’s remarks are “a good reminder that they CHOSE this transition, and the pain is the point,” said Republican communications operative Matt Whitlock.GAS ON THE RISE: ‘NO END IN SIGHT’ FOR RECORD-HIGH PUMP PRICES, ENERGY EXPERT WARNSSteve Cortes, a former Trump administration official, called for Yellen to resign after she admitted she should not have said inflation is transitory.”Ya think, Madame Secretary?” Cortes tweeted in response to her quote. “Now, after such a colossal failure, do the honorable thing and resign, Janet Yellen.” 
U.S. Treasure Secretary Janet Yellen makes a speech at the COP26 U.N. Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland, Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2021. 
Some, such as attorney Viva Frei, criticized Yellen’s argument that a green energy transition would make America less dependent on foreign actors.”The wind & the sun are not subject to ‘geopolitical’ conflict. OK. But what about the materials required for solar panels & wind turbines? Being dependent on foreign minerals and parts is just as bad as being dependent on foreign oil,’” Frei tweeted. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”This takes tone deaf to a new level. Farmers and ranchers need affordable gas to fuel farm machinery and produce an abundant global food supply. What they don’t need? More lip service on electric vehicles and the wind/sun,” said the House Agriculture Committee GOP.  Joe Silverstein is a production assistant for Fox News Digital. 

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