After Supreme Court overturned New York’s concealed carry law, Americans react

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NEW YORK CITY – Americans visiting a public park shared their reactions to the Supreme Court overturning a New York law that restricted people’s ability to carry concealed firearms in public.”I think that today’s ruling by the Supreme Court is dangerous,” Brian, a New Yorker, told Fox News. “It probably is going to put a lot more guns on the street that probably are already there.””I don’t want a gun, and I don’t want anybody I know to have a gun,” Brian said on New York’s High Line park.But Lionel, from Chicago, said: “In light of all this carjacking going on … I’m thinking about getting concealed carry to defend myself, my wife, and my property.”SUPREME COURT GUN DECISION: NYPD COMMISSIONER WARNS ‘NOTHING CHANGES TODAY’
Mila, a New Yorker, sounded off on the Supreme Court’s recent decisions regarding abortion and guns. (Megan Myers/Fox News Digital)
The Supreme Court overturned a New York state law on Thursday that required anyone who wanted to carry concealed firearms in public to show they had “proper cause” indicating they had a specific need. The justices in the 6-3 ruling said the law violated the Second Amendment. “It’s just going to add a lot more to the numbers,” Brian said. “We don’t know whose carrying guns right now. It’s frightening.” Mila, from New York, said the Supreme Court’s ruling was “shameful.””We don’t want their decisions,” she told Fox News. “The illegitimacy of not being able to have an abortion but being able to be exposed to guns everywhere? Horrible.” BIDEN REACTS TO SUPREME COURT GUN DECISION: ‘DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED’ The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on Friday, giving the states the authority to make their own abortion laws. “With what’s going on in our country, we should be looking at stricter laws,” one woman told Fox News.President Biden signed the most significant gun control legislation in three decades into law Saturday. The bipartisan bill expands background checks and incentivizes states to pass red flag laws that allow firearms to be taken from people who could be a threat to themselves or others.
Children run to safety after escaping from a window during a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School where a gunman killed nineteen children and two adults in Uvalde, Texas, U.S. May 24, 2022. 
(Pete Luna/Uvalde Leader-News/Handout via REUTERS)Kathy, referencing two recent mass shootings, said: “Enough is enough. I mean those kids in Parkland, and now Uvalde.” “Every other day you are hearing about mass shootings,” Kathy, of New York, said. One man said he had “mixed feelings” about the New York carry law being overturned. SENATE PASSES BIPARTISAN GUN CONTROL BILL
Lucien supports gun ownership, when access is regulated. (Megan Myers/Fox News Digital)
CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”I don’t think guns per se are the problem. It’s the people that wield them,” he said. “I would say that it is an invitation for more aggressive behavior.””If you are going to disarm people, disarm the police as well,” he added.Glenn, a New Yorker, said: “I don’t think that the answer is more guns.” Megan Myers is an associate producer/writer for Fox News Digital Originals. Follow her on Twitter @meglmyers

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