A Tejana ‘Queen’ shows Pelosi and America that Hispanics won’t be pushed around anymore

 “I’m so proud of my strong, beautiful daughter for not allowing this to faze her. She continued to smile and pose for the picture like a Queen.” These are the words of Latina mama bear and newly elected U.S. Representative from Texas, Mayra Flores, after realizing that the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, had elbowed her daughter, Maite, during a photo op following her swearing in.  “No child should be pushed around for a photo op, PERIOD!” she concluded in her now viral tweet. Ever since it happened, the Speaker’s press handlers have been frantically posting footage of kinder moments between Pelosi and the Flores family in an effort to downplay her passive aggressively pushing the daughter of America’s first Mexican-born member of Congress. The problem for team Pelosi is that the elbow moment was caught on tape and it speaks for itself.   Flores’ polite, but undeterred daughter stood her ground, promptly taking back her spot and teaching us all a lesson in what it means to be American: equal in worth under the law, and unafraid of the arrogant and the powerful.  TEXAS GOP REP. MAYRA FLORES SAYS SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI ‘PUSHED’ HER DAUGHTER DURING PHOTO OPHow refreshing to see a child in that intimidating of a setting know exactly who she is and remain unfazed by Pelosi’s rudeness and snobbery.  For many Hispanic-Americans, the moment was revealing on another level. It laid to bare how Democrats really feel about minority families who refuse to buy the victimhood narratives leftist use to keep us in line. You don’t have to be a political strategist or a psychologist to know that Pelosi must have loathed having to swear Flores into the 117th Congress.  After all, she wasn’t just any Republican; Flores is a Mexican-American, who won a seat in deep blue South Texas — a district Democrats have held for over a hundred years.   
Congresswoman-elect Mayra Flores, R-Texas, stands with her family and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., for a portrait after being sworn-in on June 21, 2022 in Washington, DC. Mayra Flores was sworn in on the House Floor to fill the 34th district seat of Texas for the remainder of the 117th Congress. 
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Mexican-Americans are our nation’s largest Hispanic demographic, representing over 60% of all US Hispanics. Unlike Cubans, Venezuelans and Central-Americans whose experience with socialism and communism have made them open to voting Republican, Mexican-Americans are reliable Democrat voters. MIDTERMS BECOME URGENT PRIORITY FOR BIDEN, PELOSI AFTER SCOTUS ABORTION RULINGPelosi knows her party cannot afford to lose Mexican-Americans. That is why Mayra’s election strikes such fear into the hearts of party leaders who (up until now) seriously believed racial division and empty pandering would keep them voting for Democrats.  Flores’ victory is blowing up the Democrats’ race-based permanent majority theory.  They were so certain that the “browning of America” would work in their political favor that they created the Latino Victory Fund with Texas-born celebrity, Eva Longoria.  NEW TEXAS REP. MAYRA FLORES ON ROE V. WADE REVERSAL: ‘WE HAVE TO START VALUING LIFE’The fund raised millions to speed up what they believed was Texas’ inevitable transition from red to purple, and eventually blue.  Mayra Flores’ election proves Hispanics cannot be taken for granted and Pelosi’s sneaky shove said it all: Democrats only like minorities who they can control.    Today, their Texas dream has never been more out-of-reach.  Why? Because, it turns out that Mexican-Americans aren’t so gullible. Quality of life issues articulated by an authentic, pro-life, proudly Christian, and passionate Tejana resonate more than the woke Latin “X” talking points of out-of-touch celebrities or fake, wanna-be-Hispanic, former presidential candidate Robert “Beto” O-Rourke, whose wealth and privilege protect them from the consequences of bad Democratic Party policies.  
FILE – Texas Democrat gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke speaks during a campaign event in Fort Worth, Texas Friday, Dec. 3, 2021. O’Rourke said Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2022, that his campaign for Texas governor raised $7.2 million in the first six weeks of a race that could wind up as one of the nation’s most expensive in 2022.
(AP)Recent polls shows that Hispanic support for Joe Biden has cratered to an embarrassing 24% approval. Hispanics have had enough of leftist policies that are decimating our economy, border, cities and standing in the world. As the demographic most dissatisfied with Biden’s America, Hispanics are proving they are politically savvy and a force to be reckoned with.  CNN FRETS DEMOCRATS LOSING HISPANIC VOTERS: TEXAS ELECTION ‘BIG WARNING SIGN’Pelosi’s barely disguised “desprecio” for the Flores family during their historic congressional photo-op had to have been heightened by the fact that Rep. Mayra is married to a member of our brave Border Patrol, a force that is over 50% Hispanic and fiercely proud of their work to defend America’s borders.   The Flores family knows first-hand the crime and chaos created by President Biden’s decision to  hand over operational control of our border to Mexican criminal cartels who abuse and exploit migrants.  They also know the frustration and demoralization that comes from turning law enforcement officers into processing bureaucrats and babysitters.  Who doesn’t believe that Flores will become the loudest and most credible voice in Congress when it comes to the border? And how many of us wish she was in Congress when Democrats predictably turned the Del Rio bridge fiasco into a racial story?  MSNBC ANALYST: DEMS NEED TO ‘SCARE THE HELL OUT’ OF MINORITY VOTERS THAT ‘WE’RE GOING TO LOSE OUR DEMOCRACY’Democrats shamefully smeared border patrol agents on horseback, falsely accusing them of whipping Haitian illegal immigrants.  Even after the agents were legally cleared of any wrong-doing, the administration refused to issue a public apology.  From inflation, to crime, to onerous and unjust COVID mandates that disproportionately hurt small business-owners and workers, Hispanics are fleeing the Democrat party in droves.   
Congresswoman-elect Mayra Flores, R-Texas stands with her family for a portrait after being sworn-in by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., on June 21, 2022 in Washington, D.C. 
(Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)Over the last two years they figured out which party wants to shut down schools and indoctrinate their kids with radical race and gender ideologies.  CLICK HERE TO GET THE OPINION NEWSLETTERThey now know for certain that Democrats hate American-made energy, and the family-supporting jobs it creates. They also know Democrats are willing to make them poorer with record high gas and food prices to achieve a green utopia. Whether it’s the issue of life or school choice, Hispanics are demanding representation that reflects their conservative values.  Will you fight for faith, family, and opportunity? Or are you selling more dependency and crumbs off the government table? Mayra Flores’ election proves Hispanics cannot be taken for granted and Pelosi’s sneaky shove said it all: Democrats only like minorities who they can control.   CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPQueen Maite’s dignity and her tough, straight-talking mama who wasn’t afraid to call out the powerful Speaker of the House on her very first day in Congress for elbowing her little girl, is emblematic of today’s Hispanics.  They won’t be disrespected, lied to, and pushed around anymore! CLICK HERE FOR MORE FROM RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY  Rachel Campos-Duffy serves as a co-host of FOX & Friends Weekend and co-host of From the Kitchen Table podcast with her husband Sean Duffy.

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