1968 Dodge Charger resurrected as a ‘Hellucination’

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Ralph Gilles knows a few things about muscle car style.He’s the head of design for Dodge’s parent company Stellantis, overseeing the Challenger, Charger and the brand’s upcoming first electric muscle car.Not all of his ideas make it to production, however, and he’s been working on a unique car that he’ll be keeping all to himself.Gilles recently collaborated with custom car shop Speedkore to build a carbon fiber-bodied 1968 Dodge Charger.
The Speedkore Hellucination was built for Stellantis head designer Ralph Gilles.
(Speedkore)Speedkore’s previous customers include Kevin Hart, who has purchased several cars from the outfit over the years.Gilles’ car is nicknamed the “Hellucination” because it is powered by Dodge’s new 7.-0-liter V8 Hellephant crate engine that’s supercharged to 1,000 hp.
Hellucination is powered by a 1,000 hp supercharged 7.0-liter V8 called the Hellephant.
(Speedkore)The vehicle is built on a custom frame and fitted with carbon fiber bodywork inspired by the original Charger’s, plus a carbon fiber floor and wheel hubs. Only the metal shell from the A-pillars to C-Pillars is original.NEW DODGE HORNET BUZZING INTO SHOWROOMS THIS YEARSpeedkore said this project marks the first time a client was intimately involved in the styling of their car.
Hellucination is based on a 1968 Dodge Charger
(Speedkore)Gilles said he fell in love with the Charger watching the “Dukes of Hazzard” and that it inspires his team at Stellantis.”We still use it as a spiritual reference to this day as we design the next generation of performance cars,” Gilles said.1969 DODGE DAYTONA AUCTIONED FOR RECORD $1.3 MILLIONHe said the main challenge in creating the Hallucination was modernizing the details and creating exaggerated proportions while keeping them faithful to the original Charger.
Hellucination features a modern interior with a throwback vibe.
(Speedkore)The coupe features a modern double wishbone front suspension and a four-bar diagonal link setup in the rear to improve its handling, which is further enhanced by high performance Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires that are a foot wide in the rear. 
Hellucination’s rear tires are a foot wide.
(Speedkore)”The car is as visceral to drive as it is to look at. It has deliciously precise steering and an abundance of lateral grip that allow me to truly put it through its paces.”CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe price Gilles paid for the car hasn’t been revealed, but Speedkore’s full custom builds are known to go for several hundred thousand dollars each.We’ll be getting our first look at Gilles’ next production car design when a concept for Dodge’s electric muscle car is unveiled later this year.

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